The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requires employees to be paid no less than federal and/or state minimum wage.

In our experience, the average contractor can complete this process in less than 10 minutes.

If a contractor were to check their compliance weekly without our system, it takes on average an hour or more.

In our experience, if a contractor were to attempt to monitor their compliance weekly, it would take on average an hour or more each week.

Of course, this is assuming that they do not run into any log or settlement issues.

Most ELD providers allow a user to add backend users.

Once you sign up, we ask for the credentials to your ELD system just once so that we can add a access point for our system. Keep in mind, being a backend user only allows us to monitor your account. We have no ability to change any of your data.

FLSA compliance is often overlooked. We have personally seen examples of a driver making only $20 less than minimum wage on just one paycheck, and this resulted in a several thousand dollar lawsuit.

At this time, you cannot import any external documents, but we are working on a solution in which our system will directly import your payroll data from your payroll processor (Ex. ADP payroll solutions)

Our system prevents users from adding their own drivers into a weekly report.

We also prevent the user from removing a user without selecting the reason that the driver should not factor into their compliance status.

If a user were to lie and remove a valid user or input an incorrect gross wage, this would only harm them.

The intent of our system is to reduce the time it takes for you to verify your compliance, but if the user were to ever have a compliance inquiry for any legal reason, this fraud would quickly come to light.

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