Payroll compliance
done the right way.

Our system eliminates the worry in calculating FLSA wages for FedEx contractors.

What is the big deal with FLSA?

The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requires employees to be paid no less than federal and/or state minimum wage.

This can become quite the issue for FedEx contractors, who often pay drivers by mile or by package, and any number of circumstances might prevent a driver from exceeding minimum wage based on their hours of duty.

As hectic as it can be to manage a fleet, calculating compliance for each driver is the last worry that you need on your mind.

Driver Logs

Download your driver logs, either automatically or manually.

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Minimum Wage

Calculate what each driver has to make to be in compliance.

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Settlement Statement

Check your driver badges against the FedEx settlement.

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Deep Breath

Rest easy knowing your fleet is in compliance.

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Pricing Plan

Simple & transparent pricing plan for your team.

Our pricing is dependent on the number of drivers you have in your company.
As your company grows, your price per driver drops. Charges are applied monthly.

1-7 Drivers

$8.99per driver

8-14 Drivers

$7.49per driver

15+ Drivers

$5.99per driver

Step One

Download Driver Logs

Once our system has access to your ELD provider (electronic logging device), driver logs can be imported easily. Your logs are used to confirm how many hours each of your drivers worked.

We also provide the option to have the logs downloaded automatically each week.

Supported ELD Providers
Step Two

Calculate Minimum Wage

FLSA compliance is only concerned with time and minimum wage (federal and/or state), but the typical FedEx contractor pays their drivers by the mile. This makes it critical to monitor driver logs from an ELD and verify the number of hours each driver has been behind the wheel.

Our calculations factor in which state you company operates in, so all that you have to provide is the driver's gross pay.

Step Three

Check Settlement Drivers

Sometimes FedEx dispatches the wrong driver, or perhaps the driver did not log their hours correctly? These things do happen unfortunately, and this is why we monitor your FedEx settlement statement as well. Once you upload your statement, we verify that all badge numbers found within match the drivers from your logs.

You don't feel like downloading and uploading the settlement statement? Try our Fetch Settlement feature. You can simply input your MyGroundBiz credentials, and our system will pull what we need automatically.

Lastly, if you don't feel comfortable providing your settlement, we have a manual entry feature. This allows you to copy and paste over the badges on your settlement statement in just a few clicks.

More on Missing Drivers
Step Four

That's It?

The process is just that simple! Keeping up with your FLSA compliance can be quite the mess. Our goal is to make the process as easy as we can, allowing you to rest easy and focus your attention on the day-to-day operations.

We provide simple reporting that displays your compliance status for each week. With these reports, there will be no panic when your compliance is called into question, whether that be an inquisitive driver, a FedEx compliance exam, or legal discovery

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Supported ELD Providers

At this moment, our system is only operable with Omnitracs. We are in the process of integrating other ELD's such as Tremble and XRS. If you have an ELD provider other than Omnitracs, please contact us. We will happily integrate your ELD into our system.

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