There are no logs for your driver?

My ELD logs should contain every single driver and all of their time down to the second, so why would a driver not show up when I pull my logs? Well, in a perfect world, everything would operate as intended, but unfortunately, there are several reasons why a driver may not show up on your logs.

In addition to drivers being left out of ELD reports, occasionally, FedEx actually makes the mistake and driver badge numbers can be switched or entirely left out of your FedEx settlement statement.

There is not much that we can do proactively to prevent FedEx having a mishap from time to time, but there are simple ways to resolve this in regards to your compliance, and these methods work for ELD issues as well.

In our experience, when a driver's badge number is absent from your company's logs, it usually boils down to just a handful of incidents.

The obvious one is that the driver simply did not log in, but this is usually mitigated by the vehicle itself. These days, a vehicle will not move, or at lease will not exceed a certain speed, unless an individual is logged into the ELD unit inside the tractor, but that's an easy one right? Let's look at another example.

If you were to temporarily lease a tractor from another company, or perhaps you lease your own tractor to someone else, this is a perfect situation for their to be a mixup of your logs. When this happens, you might have a driver that appears on your settlement statement, but is no where to be found on your logs. Likewise, you might have logs for a driver, but that driver is not on your settlement statement; it all depends on how often your drivers and/or trucks run for other entities.

Regardless of the problem, our system can account for this by comparing the badge nubmers on your FedEx settlement statement with the drivers in your ELD system for any given week. Let's say FedEx is reporting that you had eight drivers run this week, but between your statement and your logs, there are nine drivers all together. If the driver did not receive a paycheck from you, then you have the option to remove the driver from your compliance. This does not actually delete the driver of course, but it takes their hours out of your comliance. This only works though if the drivers hours are left up to the responsibility of another organization though.

Similarly, for the driver who was on the settlement statement, but no on your logs, our system allows you to enter a reason for this incident, and once you enter their hours and gross wage, your compliance can be calculated once again!

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